Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome to shadows Samantha Riegler, Samantha Bohan and Adrianne Metz.

Freshmen: You will be going on Freshman Retreat tomorrow. Please dress casually and bring your lunch and drink. Please report to homeroom at the usual time on Wednesday.

Sophomores and juniors: Please report to homeroom at the usual time on Wednesday and wear your uniforms. Please bring two #2 pencils and your graphing calculators. The math department does not have any extra calculators to loan you tomorrow so be sure you have yours with you. Your homeroom teachers will explain the seating arrangement for the tests. Cafeteria service will be available on Wednesday.

All seniors, except Freshman Focus leaders, have a college visit, shadow or service day on Wednesday.

Thursday we will be going to the Playhouse. All students will be allowed to dress up. Please see page 14 of the handbook for detail about appropriate dress for the day. When we return to Mercy we will be having a picnic lunch so be sure to pack your lunch and drink. We will not have cafeteria service on Thursday. Hoodies and jeans of any color are not allowed on this day. We recommend that you wear dress pants and bring a sweater to the Playhouse as the theatre tends to be cold. Blankets are NOT appropriate. All freshmen, sophomores and seniors will report to homeroom at 7:50 on Thursday. Juniors will meet in the theatre for the Pin Ceremony.

Juniors! This morning, you are receiving your ticket in homeroom. The ticket has the numbered row and lettered seat you will sit in for the ceremony. The master seating chart is hanging on the Campus Ministry door so you can check out where your seat is located. KNOW YOUR SEAT BEFORE YOU COME TO THE CEREMONY. THIS IS HOW WE WILL TAKE ATTENDANCE. YOU SHOULD PLAN ON BEING HERE AT REGULAR TIME SO YOU CAN BE SEATED AND READY TO GO AT 8 AM. Your moms/dads will sit behind you, indicated by the reserved signs. Park on the street. Do not take someone else's spot for the day. Make sure to dress up too! You will dismiss for the playhouse busses after this event and small reception after. BE ON TIME PLEASE!

Yesterday in homeroom you received a letter that explains the service-learning requirement for your specific grade level. This is important information. Please make sure this letter gets to your parents. You and a parent must sign the second page of the form and you need to return it to homeroom no later than October 10th.

Today is our first mission collection of the year! There should be a bag going around homeroom for you to toss in spare change. All money collected will be given directly to the organizations we serve on the summer mission trips. No donation is too small! Thanks for your help!

Please join the Art Club after school for our first meeting. We will meet in the large art room at 3pm. The meeting will go until 3:45pm. We will have drinks and snacks. All are welcomed!

Student Recruiting Committee - Please stop in the advancement office during your free time this week (study hall, flex time, after school) and help assemble Open House signs. There are a lot of signs and they need to be finished before the end of the school day on Friday, so please do your part to help out.

Dance tickets will be on sale in the main office beginning Wednesday. They will be sold through Friday. Please remember that no tickets are sold at the door. You must by them by the end of the day on Friday. The cost is $15 and you can either attend with a date or by yourself. The main office is available 9:00 - 3:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure to visit the main office during those hours to purchase your tickets to the GAA dance. Please see Mrs. Harvey with any questions.

Anyone interested in swimming or diving this year will need to meet Friday after school at 3:00 in Room 1.
Please attend this mandatory meeting if you are interested in either of these sports.
It will last 20-30 minutes.

Happy Birthday today to Rachel Brady, Erika Schmitt and Claudia Uchtman.

Lunch - Week of September 29- October 3

Chicken Stackers
Turkey Club
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup

Buffalo Macaroni
Chicken Queso
French Fries
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup




We do our best to have daily announcements posted before 10 a.m. each morning, however there may be a day when this is not possible.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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