Friday, February 5, 2016

We are following schedule 6 today. Please remain in your fourth bell classes until you are called to your MLC locations. Freshmen, you will report to the cafeteria to work on your science fair small group exhibits for your buddies in the spring. You MUST come with something to work on! Your reps were informed about this! Sophomores - you will remain in the gym. Juniors - you will report to the Theater and Seniors - you are free to leave at MLC time.

Today is Face-to-Face Friday! Try to limit your use of technology for communication that can take place face to face. Today’s topic can be what you love most about catholic schools!

This is the final day of National School Counseling Week and your counseling department would like to offer you a Recipe for Success. While everyone’s secret ingredients will be different, basic rules apply. All you have to do is: Heat Up an Idea, Take Action, Mix It up with Belief in Yourself, Then Add a Dash of Persistence. The school counseling department would like to extend their gratitude for allowing them to be an extra addition to announcements during Catholic Schools Week! Also, your school counselors will be in the cafeteria today during lunch to lead a special version of BINGO complete with prizes. See you then!

Sophomores, after homeroom, please go to the gym for sophomore retreat. You will need your lunch and a pen. If you are buying, bring your money. If you brought your book bag to school today, bring to the gym with you. Mrs. Becker will tell you where to sit when you get there.

Detention will be held today in Room 11. Remember, any freshman or sophomore must serve detention today in order to buy a ticket for the dance.

Attention science-minded juniors and seniors. The KNOW Theatre, in Over-The-Rhine, is offering a special showing of the play “Silent Sky” about Henrietta Leavitt, an astronomer in the early 20th century who did the calculations for the male astronomers at the Harvard Observatory but was not permitted to use the telescopes herself. The matinee, on Sunday April 24, will feature a panel of female scientists answering questions about women in science. If you are interested, please see Mrs. Harris in 311 by Wednesday for more information. We want to see if there is interest in this proposed field trip.

Attention all “A day” Honor Time Students - Next Friday the Advancement Team and parent volunteers will be very busy setting up for the Gala. Are you willing to help? We could use your young legs and energy in the gym any time Friday from 9:15 am till the end of the school day. If you are willing to help please stop by the advancement office - there will be a sign up sheet on the counter by Mrs. Jones desk for you to sign up.

Seniors: you are invited to attend a follow-up meeting regarding the “time survey” and busyness conversation that took place before Christmas. The meeting is in the theatre and is optional.

Don't forget all of the Scholastic Art and Writing winners!  All of their work will be on display at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Exhibition Dates: 1/23/2016 - 2/6/2016
Opening Night Friday, January 22, 2016  (5 to 9 pm)
Saturdays & Sundays  (10am to 3pm)
Monday - Friday (9 to noon & 4 to 7 pm)
Exhibition Runs from January 22 - February 5

Lunch Menu for the week of February 1-5

Chicken Stackers
Saratoga Chips
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup

Lisa’s Chicken with Roasted Carrots
Tacos with Mexican Tater Tots and Rice
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup

Lasagna w/Side Salad
French Fries
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup

French Fries
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup

Luann’s Made-to-Order Salads
Fresh Salad of the Day
Made from Scratch Soup

We do our best to have daily announcements posted before 10 a.m. each morning, however there may be a day when this is not possible.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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