Mother of Mercy Counseling Program

Mother of Mercy’s counseling team plays an integral role in the overall educational program by aligning with the school mission to support the Individual Excellence of all students through the design, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive, developmental and systematic school counseling program. Within the framework and foundation laid by The American School Counselor Association Nationals Standards, counselors carry out the school’s mission to enhance the development of strong, faith-filled women capable of assuming personal responsibility and self-direction appropriate to their level of maturity.

Counselors provide students and families with:

  • Classroom guidance, individual student and small group counseling for academic, career, social and personal matters
  • Academic skills support, planning & goal setting
  • Organizational study and test-taking skills
  • College planing and application process
  • Career and college counseling and development
  • Problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision-making skills
  • Healthy relationships and effective social skills
  • Transition plans
  • Education in understand ones whole self, including strengths, weaknesses, values and priorities
  • Responsive services, individual/family/school crisis intervention, peer facilitation

    2015-2016 Counseling Department
    Mrs. Scarlato, Administrative Assistant
    Mrs. Meyer, Counselor (Freshman Altmari - Gormely, Sophomores Abbot - Garbsch , Juniors Bailey - Getnet, Seniors Akiliu - Grayson )
    Mrs. Long, Counselor (Freshman Greiner - Parsons, Sophomores Gellenbeck - Moellinger, Juniors Goedde - Munro, Seniors Hacker - O'Rourke )
    Ms. Hively, Counselor (Freshman Phelps - Zeller, Sophomores Moorman - Zeller, Juniors Murphy - Wetsch, Seniors Owens - Zernich)

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