Mother of Mercy Counseling Program

The Counseling Department at Mother of Mercy High School recognizes that each student is unique and capable of significant growth and development. Counselors provide a comprehensive range of services focusing on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy, social and emotional development, and career development. These services assist students to realize the maximum benefit from their educational and spiritual experience at Mercy. Within this framework, counselors carry out Mercy's mission to enhance the development of strong Christian women capable of assuming personal responsibility and self-direction appropriate to their age and level of maturity.

Counselors strive to accomplish these goals by assisting each student to

  • become aware of herself as a unique, worthwhile individual develop a maturing sense of responsibility
  • achieve a measure of self-discipline
  • achieve a level of academic performance commensurate with her potential 
  • evaluate her strengths and weaknesses through testing and other assessments
  • develop the ability to make good decisions concerning educational, vocational, and personal goals based upon a realistic understanding of herself and the opportunities and alternatives open to her
  • develop optimum techniques of problem-solving in all areas of her life

In the broad areas of academics counseling, personal counseling, and career and college counseling, Mercy's counselors are committed to work cooperatively as part of a team with students, faculty, administration, parents, and community resources.

2014-2015 Counseling Department (left to right)
Mrs. Scarlato, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Meyer, counselor (sophomores A-K, juniors A-K, and seniors A-L)
Mrs. Richardson, department chair, counselor (Freshmen) and 8th grade admissions
Mrs. Zaya, counselor (sophomores L-Z, juniors L-Z and seniors M-Z)

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