Scholarships and Tuition Assistance Information

Think you can’t afford Mercy?  Think again.

We work diligently at Mother of Mercy High School to keep our tuition as low as possible while never compromising the educational opportunities we provide. We also continually rework and build our tuition assistance programs in order to maximize our offerings to prospective Mercy families. The current result is a lower base tuition rate than any other all-girl high school on the west side of Cincinnati, state-of-the-art technology and a variety of scholarships, tuition assistance and work programs that can help many. Beyond the annual $100 Individual Excellence Program fee (which includes the iPad), there is NO additional expense for the school's advanced technology tools and program.

Tuition Rate

The Mercy Education Collaborative of Cincinnati's Board of Trustees voted and approved the tuition of $10,685 for Mother of Mercy's 2015-16 school year. Tuition maintains the value of a Mercy education and perpetuates the excellence that is already present, while also considering the impact on our families. Mercy’s tuition is still one of the very best educational values in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati!  There is a non-refundable registration fee of $350 (for incoming students only) that will later be applied toward your tuition, as well as an annual $100 iPad fee.

Please don’t simply assume there will not be enough assistance and that you won't be able to experience Mercy.  We know it can be a financial strain, but how we can help continues to be strengthened every year. So, please, talk to us.

  • Lower Tuition – Highest Value: Mercy maintains one of the lowest tuition rates among local all-girl Catholic high schools, yet is still one of the very top academic and extracurricular all-girl, Catholic school performers in the city.
  • The 2015-2016 tuition, $10,685 is significantly lower than the real cost to educate each student (nearly $13,000). Mother of Mercy is in the mission-based business of Catholic education that simply, and not so simply, seeks to raise enough resources to continue doing what we do so well — educate and empower young women with the values of Mercy.
  • A range of academic scholarships and grants are available to incoming freshmen as well as current students.
  • Think of Mercy as a supplemental college savings account. Consistently every year, over 70% of our seniors are awarded significant higher-education scholarships due to their outstanding preparation at Mercy. (Approximately 84% of the Class of 2014 received scholarships totaling over $12 million.)
  • Dual Credit provides the greatest financial advantage in college tuition for families, often doubling the credit available through AP alone. Mercy families are saving thousands of dollars by starting college “early” at Mother of Mercy.


In an effort to meet the growing financial needs of more of its prospective and current families, Mother of Mercy revised its scholarship program in 2011, which enabled us to broaden our total tuition assistance and help more of those families unable to afford a Catholic education.

Our scholarship award program ranges from $1,000 a year to 1/2 year scholarships to multi-year full rides!

How do I apply for a Mercy Scholarship?

Your admissions application serves as your application for all scholarships to Mercy, of which we have six categories of prestigious awards for incoming freshmen. Academic Scholarships are based on High School Placement Test scores. Recipients of these scholarships not only receive significant, multi-year offers, but are also invited to attend our special Admission with Distinction dinner event held in January.

 Scholarship  Eligibility
 Leading Scholars (Tier 1)
 HSPT Score 98% - 99%
 Leading Scholars (Tier 2)
 HSPT Score 95% - 97%
 Academic Achievers (Tier 1)
 HSPT Score 93% - 94%
 Academic Achievers (Tier 2)  HSPT Score 90% - 92%
 Academic Achievers (Tier 3)
 HSPT Score 85% - 89%
 Circle of Mercy
 HSPT Score 80% - 84%

Mercy recognizes that testing cannot be the only gauge of excellence nor can it identify all true potential. It is for this reason that we provide our Scholarships of Inspired Excellence of at least $1,000. Selection begins with the application essay (found in the admissions application form) from which 25 - 30 candidates will be invited to participate in the final “Be Inspired" Speech Competition." Selected participants will speak to our panel about their own inspiration. The number of scholarships, and their values granted, will be based upon the level of excellence displayed. Recipients of these scholarships are invited to attend our special Admission with Distinction dinner event held in January.

Sponsored by Mother of Mercy's generous benefactors, Named Scholarships recognize excellence in different academic disciplines. Recipients are selected from the pool of families who demonstrate financial need. These scholarships require the completion of the FACTS form (see below).

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship
Mercy does accept the Jon Peterson Scholarship, however the funds are not used to supplement tuition costs, but to fund resources needed to serve students who receive the scholarship. For more information on the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, click here.

Tuition Assistance (for both new and current families)

As noted above, Mercy commits the majority of its financial assistance to meet the needs of families with significant need. To be considered for financial assistance, a family with an incoming freshman must complete and submit a FACTS financial aid application online at The form will become available mid-September. The deadline for financial aid applications for incoming freshmen is November 22, 2014.

*Tuition Assistance is redetermined each year, so all families must reapply and complete a new financial aid application annually.

FACTS is an independent service used throughout the Archdiocese to determine financial need. Upon review of all applications, Mercy is provided recommendations of allocation based on the number of requests and in consideration of the resources Mercy has available. Tuition Assistance award amounts are only guaranteed for one year. Families must reapply for financial aid through FACTS annually for continued consideration as both individual and total student body need and circumstances change.

Voucher Programs

  • Ed Choice Scholarship (Voucher): Ed Choice covers $5,000 of tuition. In order to qualify for the Ed Choice scholarship from the State of Ohio your daughter must be currently (throughout 8th grade) receiving an Ed Choice Scholarship, attending a school within the Cincinnati Public School District that is in academic emergency, or be assigned to a Cincinnati Public School in academic emergency for her 9th grade year.
Ed Choice Application process:
  • If you wish to apply for the Ed Choice Scholarship (and your current school qualifies for the program) please provide necessary documentation, which includes your application renewal form, birth certificate, proof of residency (such as a utility bill) and completed low income paperwork to the attention of Heather Wagner by the date of your course scheduling conference in March.
  • Unless it is determined from your low-income verification paperwork that you fall below the poverty line, you will be required to pay the difference in tuition (that which is not covered by your Ed Choice scholarship). The poverty line will not be confirmed by the state until mid summer. Until confirmed, please have a back-up plan.
  • It is recommended that you also complete a financial aid application through FACTS. This may supplement the Ed Choice Scholarship if you are required to pay the difference in tuition.

After School/Summer Student Work Programs

Student work programs are available both after school and during the summer. A limited number of spots are available in the summer program, however the program is open to all students with priority selection given to current workers and those demonstrating a financial need.  Students perform light housekeeping/cleaning up to one hour per day immediately after school. There are 180 hours available after school and/or up to 6 hours per day (Monday-Friday) for up to 3 weeks (approximately 90 hours) in the summer.  Workers receive tuition credit in the amount of $7.00 per hour worked. The maximum amount of hours one student is allowed to work in a year is 214, which is $1,500 toward tuition.

Applications will be mailed to you in the spring with tuition information, are available in the school Main Office, and are available for download here. Contact our business office at (513) 661-2740 for more information.  Applications are due by April 30. 

Other Opportunities
Mother of Mercy families are able to work Cincinnati Reds games for tuition credit. The two outside organizations Mercy accepts tuition checks from are the Advocates for Catholic Education and the Westside Scouters. Please contact the organizations for more details.

Multiple-Child Allowance
Mercy does offer a reduction in tuition rate for families with three or more students in Archdiocesan high schools. 
  • $1,000 per daughter at Mercy for families with 3 qualifying students.
  • $1,250 per daughter at Mercy for families with 4 or more qualifying students.

Tuition Payment Plan

Many families find budgeting tuition easier by making monthly payments to Mother of Mercy High School. Such payment arrangements are processed by FACTS for Mercy.  Contingent upon the amount a family wishes to pay up front, the balance is spread into eleven equal payments within the school year.  This option includes a 4.35% interest charge which is added to the monthly billings. There is a non-refundable $350 registration fee for new students which is later applied to tuition. For convenience, payment dates can set on the 1st or 15th of the month.


If you have any other questions that have not been answered by our website, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Lisa Folzenlogen, Tuition Operations Coordinator at 513.661.2740 ext. 316,
Charles DeZarn, Vice President, Finance & Operations 513.661.2740 ext. 319,
Mother of Mercy High School | 3036 Werk Road | Cincinnati, OH 45211-7042 | Ph: 513.661.2740