Eco "Blue" Club

Moderators:  Mrs. McCall

Mission :

    1. To promote an awareness of environmental issues.
    2. To give direction to students interested in careers related to the environment.
    3. To participate in programs and service projects related to environmental issues.

Membership :  Open to all students.

Eco "Blue" Club News

Events Going on This Year!
Eco "Blue" Club - 2011-2012

At our September 19 meeting  we made signs for the Mercy Walk and we also bought recyclable cups for the water stations. We hung up the signs at the water stations so everyone could read them. The signs had facts on how to help people become more eco-friendly. 

At our October 24 meeting we had a guest speaker Mykalya Cassidy a junior at Mercy speak to us. She works at the Zoo and was explaining the Save the Gorilla Foundation. She needed Mercys' help! She needed to collect as many old cell phones as she could to send to the organization. A lot of people were interested in helping her and at the zoo!

At our November 21 meeting we painted signs to put on the paper recycling bins in the rooms at school. The girls painted the room number on one side and then a decoration on the other. They turned out amazing!

We did not have a December 21 meeting.

At our January 23 meeting we made pop tab bracelets! 

We did not have a February 27 meeting due to Junior retreat. 

At our  March 19 meeting we designed our t-shirts for our club and talked about upcoming events!

April 23 is already here! At this meeting we are going in the neighborhood of Westwood to pick up the trash! It is going to be really fun! We also have our shirt designs done and they are ordered!

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