Mathematics Department

The department of Mathematics offers a comprehensive program of study designed to meet the needs of each student as well as adopting the goals set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Considering the differences of each girl, the department attempts to provide a rich, well integrated program adapted to the stage of mathematical maturity of the student in order that she may have a better understanding of the concepts of mathematics, be able to apply these concepts in other disciplines and in everyday life, and develop her thought processes.

  In today’s technological age, highly skilled and trained personnel are needed. Technological tools such as the graphing calculator and Smartboard enhance the curriculum allowing the department to offer a wealth of knowledge essential in many careers today. Even the person who does not work directly with mathematics will find it essential to many types of careers. Each student is encouraged to study all the mathematics appropriate to her ability, interest, and ambition, so that job and career opportunities are open to her and she can meet the challenges of the educated citizen of our country.

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All students must meet both testing and curriculum requirements set by the state of Ohio to earn a high school diploma. For graduating classes through 2013, this includes passing the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) as well as earning 3 units of mathematics credit. For graduating classes 2014 and beyond, this includes passing the OGT as well as earning 4 units of mathematics credit. The 4-unit curriculum requirement must include one unit of Algebra II or equivalent course.

Mathematics Courses:
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Unique Opportunities:
  • TSA Team
  • INTERAlliance program
  • AMC-12 Math Test
  • Inventive Thinking/Mentoring Scholarship Program
  • Dual-credit opportunity through Mount St. Joseph University for AB and BC Calculus
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