Social Studies Department

Effective Social Studies integrates history, geography, economics, political science, other social sciences and humanities in order to prepare students to be participating citizens. Specifically, students will:
  • Develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for themselves and for the common good.

  • Prepare for their role as citizens and decision makers in a diverse, democratic society.

  • Examine the thought process as it relates to human behavior.

  • Become familiar with significant people, places, events and issues in the past in order to understand the present.

  • Act responsibly and become successful problem solvers in an interdependent world of limited resources.

  • Balance knowledge, conceptual understanding and skill development.

  • Incorporate the use of technology in learning social studies concepts and skills.
Our teachers utilize inquiry as a pedagogical approach and all courses are aligned with National and State standards.

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Required courses:
• Freshman World History (Honors) Semester
• Sophomore U.S. History (Honors) Full Year, (College Prep) Semester
     World History (College Prep) Semester
  Junior AP American Studies (Advanced Placement Juniors Only) Full Year
   - Team taught with English Department
   - Dual Credit from the College of Mount St. Joseph available
• Senior Government (College Prep, Honors) Semester
  Advance Placement Government Semester
  - Dual Credit from the College of Mount St. Joseph available
• Contemporary World Issues Semester

Electives: Students must select at least one of the following
Economics, Psychology, Geography, Cincinnati (summer course)

All students are required to take three years of Social Studies. Most will take at least 3.5.
Unique Opportunities:
  • Service - All seniors are required to volunteer at least 10 hours - Six hours must be with a social service agency the other four may be with an agency of their choice or a civic/political organization.
  • Mock Trial - Open to all Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
  • Youth in City Government
  • Field Trips - Museum Center, Freedom Center, Hamilton County Courthouse, and others

Our teachers have earned Bachelor Degrees in History and Integrated Social Studies; Masters degrees in Educational Administration, Special Education, and History. Each brings a unique academic and generational perspective to the study of Social Science. All department members participate in Professional Development opportunities, including Advanced Placement Workshops, Technology Conferences, and ODE sponsored events.
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