Mercy Dances

Mother of Mercy sponsors several date dances each year. These dances are open to Mercy students and their male dates only. Students must arrive at the dance within one hour of the scheduled beginning time.

Any exceptions to this regulation must be requested in writing from the faculty moderators by the parents previous to the day of the dance. Parents of students who have not arrived by the required time will be called. Any student who is late to a second dance will not be permitted to enter that dance. GAA and 9th&10th Grade Dance- no one is permitted to leave until one hour before the scheduled ending time of the dance. Christmas Ball/Prom - no one is permitted to leave until after the crowning.

After students leave the dance, they may not return. At school dances, school rules regarding drugs, alcohol, smoking, and general behavior must be followed. Dancing that promotes sexual activity or violence is prohibited. Serious penalties result if any infractions occur. Male dates who attend Archdiocesan high schools are subject to the policies of their own schools while attending a Mercy dance. Mercy students are subject to our school dance policies while attending any Archdiocesan high school dance. All dances are chaperoned by parents and teachers. All tickets must be purchased during the school day prior to the dance, no ticket may be purchased at the door of the dance. All detentions must be completed and all fines paid before students may attend a dance.

Mercy students are responsible for the behavior of their dates. All dates must follow school rules regardless of their age. Students attending dances will be randomly checked for alcohol consumption by use of a breathalyzer. If a student or date shows visible signs of alcohol use, he or she may also be asked to use the breathalyzer. If a student or date refuses to be tested, their parents will be called and they will be sent home. Further penalties will follow.