One Book/One Community Project

Each year, the entire Mercy community embarks on a literary adventure by reading and reflecting upon a common book specially chosen to inspire and influence. A text is chosen each spring that is read over the summer and the themes are integrated into various courses over the academic year.

The objectives of this program are:

  • to engage students of all grades and levels through the summer
  • to nurture a shared cultural experience among all members of the community
  • to increase the students' awareness of connections across the curriculum
  • to heighten the global awareness and sense of social justice defined by our Christian identity

Summer 2017 One Book/One Community

We are taking a slightly different approach this year for One Book One Community! After much consideration, this year’s readings are from a book calledThis I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women. This collection of essays, based on the popular NPR series of the same name, features known and unknown authors briefly explaining their personal beliefs, compelling the reader to think critically and examine their own set of beliefs. With a wide range of voices, I believe there’s something in here for everyone!

One Book One Community Assignments.

We will be reading a selection of essays from the book in print, but all of them are online at You may purchase a book, but it is not needed since teachers will be assigning essays that can be found online.