Mother of Mercy has a 4 -year retreat program, designed to help students understand oneself, their classmates, and their God more deeply.

Freshman Retreat – Led by 30 Freshman Focus senior mentor leaders, Freshman retreat is centered around the theme of friendships.  Freshman year is full of change and transition.  Students are nervous and unsure about making new friends and letting go of old friends.  This retreat explores the anxieties of such, helps the girls get to know one another better and meet new people, and ultimately helps them to foster a “friendship” with God.  The retreat ends with the entire class celebrating the Eucharist together.  It is a 1 day retreat that takes place at an off campus site.   This retreat takes place in early October.

Sophomore Retreat – Sophomore Retreat is a service retreat.  The entire sophomore class engages in a day of preparation, discussion, and activities surrounding what it means to engage in service and why it is important.  This day takes place at Mercy.  Then, the sophomore class is divided in to two large groups and each group goes into Over-the-Rhine, beginning at the Peaslee Neighborhood Center, to perform acts of service and learn about the community.  Both groups go on opposite days of each other.  This retreat seeks to educate and expose students to the Catholic Christian Call to serve one’s neighbor and to be a good neighbor.  The retreat also involves deep reflection and processing that continues into the Christian Justice course that all sophomore students are required to take.  This retreat takes place in early February.  All groups are accompanied by an adult teacher/staff member.

Junior Retreat – Juniors attend a 2-day, overnight retreat that focuses on the theme, “Not that Different”.  It seeks to help the students recognize that they all go through similar feelings and experiences in life and ultimately they are all loved by the same God.  This retreat takes place off campus, usually in early March, and challenges the girls to share about their faith, and grow from one another.  All juniors will attend this retreat.  It will take place at 3 different locations at the same time so that all of the junior class will be engaged in small group faith sharing at the same time. This retreat ends back at school with a junior class liturgy. All small groups are led by faculty.

Senior Retreat – Seniors participate in the Kairos retreat.  It is a 3-day, 2 night retreat off campus whereby the students engage in deeper small group faith sharing. This retreat involves the sacrament of reconciliation and the celebration of the Eucharist.  This retreat empowers the students to give witness to their faith and life experiences, learning and growing from one another’s sharing.  This retreat takes place in the summer before the senior year.