Learning Services Program

Working with students within every level of academic study at Mercy (from College Prep I to Advanced Placement), we offer an extensive program of professional support appropriate for varying degrees of learning challenges and disabilities. Whether your daughter simply needs tutoring in math or reading, or she requires specific accommodations and support for her Individual Service Plan, Mercy’s LSP Team will ensure she is cared for and receives the learning conditions and services she needs in order to reach her greatest academic potential.

Our team of Intervention and Remediation Specialists, school Psychologist, and Instructional Assistants work closely with classroom teachers to communicate each student’s learning style and, guided by a formally defined plan, continually help improve individual student achievement. Some key components of Mercy’s program include, but are not limited to:
  • Individual and small group instruction conducted in our dedicated Learning Service Center;
  • Testing and classroom accommodations e.g. extended testing time, reading of written tests, question and direction clarification, etc.; 
  • Consultations with teachers and parents to develop learning strategies;
  • Professional psycho-educational assessments;
  • Assistive technology software and devices to support reading and written language needs
The Learning Services Program at Mercy has been cited as one of the most comprehensive and successful in the city. We’d be happy to discuss with your family the ways in which we could help your daughter further both her learning skills and confidence in her abilities.

The Doyle Program

Mother of Mercy offers a 2-week summer program to serve selected incoming freshmen’s needs. Based on evaluation of their grade school records, some students will be required to successfully complete the Doyle Program to ensure that they are ready to succeed at Mercy.

Named after Mary Ann Doyle in honor of her role as the first young woman to work closely with Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, this program is shared between McAuley High School and Mercy, the two Cincinnati high schools operated by the Sisters of Mercy.

The purposes of this program are to strengthen knowledge and skills for success in high school, to ensure that Mercy (or McAuley) is the right school for participating students, and to enable students to get to know some of their classmates and teachers.

  • The course will include selected students interested in enrolling at either Mercy or McAuley.
  • Included classes: College Prep Learning Strategies, Introduction to College Prep English, and Introduction to College Prep Math
  • When: 2-weeks (10 days) in June - approximately 3.5 hours each day.
  • Where: One week will take place at Mercy and one week will take place at McAuley.
  • Cost: $200


Jon Peterson Scholarship

The Members of the Class of 2020 who have an IEP/ISP and are not receiving the Ed Choice Scholarship must apply for the Jon Peterson Scholarship. Funds are not used to supplement tuition costs, but to fund resources needed to serve students who receive the scholarship.

If your daughter has an IEP/ISP and is not receiving the Ed Choice scholarship, you will be contacted regarding the Peterson Scholarship application process. A specific intervention specialist will serve all Jon Peterson scholarship recipients.