Why Mercy?

Mother of Mercy is remarkable. The balanced implementation of a strong academic program, tenacious athletic tradition and wide array of excelling extracurricular programs is incomparable and made possible due to the extraordinary bond between students, faculty, staff, parents and alumnae; the Mercy family.

The ambitious energy of the Mercy family creates a culture of inspiration, propelling students to expand their awareness and realize their fullest potential. Mercy graduates enter college as insightful, faith-filled women ready to become leaders of the 21st century. What you will gain from a Mercy education, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually is simply priceless. Come Be Inspired!

  • Individualized Attention

Individual Excellence Program
The Individual Excellence Program reflects the very distinctive and all-encompassing culture at Mother of Mercy. With a priority on the who and not just the what, Mercy achieves high-ranking statistical success in balance with emotionally and spiritually fulfilled young women. We are committed to realizing this healthy balance for authentic growth and learning. Students of Mercy will learn and grow in an educational atmosphere that prioritizes:

  • Development of each young woman’s God-given potential by identifying and working with her unique strengths and challenges.
  • Compassionate care for each student as a whole person — academic, emotional, spiritual and physical.
  • Formation of students who think beyond the superficial answer because they are reflective and have an expansive intellectual curiosity.
  • A culture of empowerment that motivates each student to become the best she can be.
  • A setting of sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that fosters individual learning.
  • Faith and service as integral to growth and happiness.

Individualized Course Placement
At Mercy, we understand and appreciate that every girl has a unique combination of needs and skills that require individualizing her learning experience. As a result, Mercy works with students in four different curriculum “levels.” Unlike a “tracking” placement system, which requires a student to be placed in equally-weighted/paced classes across all disciplines, “levels” allow flexibility in course placement to adequately challenge, while not overwhelm a student.

Annual Student Level Evaluations
In an effort to ensure students are challenged but not overwhelmed, our dedicated guidance counselors meet with grade school counselors before freshman course scheduling and then evaluate academic performance and reconsider subject placement every year.

Student Assistance Services

Mercy has a Student Assistance Services Coordinator on staff to help students acclimate to the culture and expectations of Mercy, connect students to resources inside and outside of school, assist students with goal-setting and progress-monitoring, provide organizational skills support and coordinate study tables.

Online Learning
The Network for Mercy Education is an organization committed to serve and connect the 41 Mercy high schools across the Americas. Online courses are designed and taught by teacher in Mercy schools across the country throughout the summer months.

Through the Jesuit Learning Academy, Mercy students may also enroll in quality online electives, including many AP courses.

  • Dedicated Professional Counseling Staff

Annual Student Level Evaluations and Family Goal-Setting Meetings
Counselors evaluate academic performance and reconsider subject/level placement every year. In addition, each student holds a goal-setting meeting with her parents and a teacher where she states the ways in which she has grown in the Mercy values, as well as areas where growth is needed.

Student Electronic Portfolio
Students develop and online portfolio of work throughout their four years at Mercy, which is used to track their progress, set goals and aid them during the college application process.

Click here for more information in the counselor's role in the Individual Excellence Program.

  • Strong College Preparatory Academic program

  • Mercy is a local leader in Dual College Credit opportunities for students. Students taking designated Advanced Placement and Honors courses have the opportunity to receive college credit from the University of Cincinnati, Thomas More or the College of Mount St. Joseph, which in many cases, transfers to other colleges upon graduation. 

  • Block Scheduling

    Classes meet every other day (4 periods per day)
    Extended time enables one-to-one education, inspires higher levels of critical thinking, improves time management skills and is reflective of a college schedule.

    Flex Time
    Students and faculty are given a free 20-minute period between first and second periods, allowing one-on-one or group meetings. Sessions may include, but are not limited to peer tutoring, prayer/study groups or college counseling. Such interaction enhances student-to-teacher relationships and productivity during the school day.

  • Cross-Curricular Service Learning

Service projects are incorporated into subject-based learning. The community service + instruction + reflection model enables students to make full-circle connections between classroom work, their experience with service and news stories in the media. Click here for information on service opportunities, including summer service trips.

  • Excellent Athletic Tradition in top-ranked Girls Greater Catholic League (GGCL)

     Cross Country
     Basketball  Lacrosse
     Golf  Bowling  Softball
     Soccer  Swimming & Diving
     Track & Field
     Tennis  Gymnastics (Compete Individually)
  • Outstanding Extracurricular Opportunities

  • Award-Winning Fine Arts

    In addition to numerous art, drama and music courses, Mercy offers a wide array of extra curricular opportunities, such as the Theatre Program, Vocal Ensemble, 3-Octave Hand Bell Choir, Art Club and Pride of La Salle Marching Band.

  • A Vibrant Community of Faith

Click here for information on Campus Ministry/Prayer and Justice Team. Once on this page, see the side navigation menu for more information regarding Spiritual Life.

  • Supportive Family-Like Atmosphere

Freshman Focus
To help freshmen  adjust to high school, Mercy’s ninth graders take part in a comprehensive and professionally designed program that leads to earlier and greater social and academic success. The program, Freshman Focus, covers a range of topics including the importance of leadership and school spirit, learning time management and study skills, getting along with others,  and much more.

Web-Based Communication For The Family
Online resources are available for both student and parent use.

  • PowerSchool: Monitor academic progress, view grades and access student schedules.
  • BlackBoard Learning Management System: View classroom assignments, communicate with teachers and even collaborate with other students.
  • MotherofMercy.org: Mother of Mercy’s website has updated school calendar, including extra curricular activities, sports schedules, etc.

  • Single Gender Focus

Evidence shows students stay better focused on their academics in same-sex schools, as the environment comes with fewer distractions and social pressure. Mercy's warm and welcoming all-girl student body produces strong, confident women and engenders life-long friendships.

  • Career Path Assistance

In addition to dedicated guidance counselors who work quarterly with students to develop post-secondary education and career goals, Mercy utilizes multiple web-based tools for families.  Naviance, an information-packed site, is always accessible to both students and parents of Mercy. 

Mercy students set themselves apart from their peers as they apply for college acceptances and scholarships by way of their Senior Seminar course. They receive guidance through the college application and entrance test process, from narrowing down their list of target colleges, creating resumes and drafting application essays.

Real World Experience

  • Students are guided toward internship and mentoring opportunities in the fields of information technology via INTERalliance, a collaborative effort of greater Cincinnati regional businesses and educators
  • Through Mercy's alliance with Mercy West Hospital, students have the an opportunity to participate in a career exploration program in the health care industry (including sports medicine/athletic training) receiving one-on-one long-term mentoring and work side-by-side health care professionals with direct patient care.

  • Foreign (Exchange) Programs

Mercy families have the opportunity to host a junior or a senior from our sister school, Collegi Casp in Barcelona, Spain. In return, the coutnerpart families in Barcelona offer to host our students during a Mercy vacation period. The students thus become international "sisters" by experiencing family and school life in each other's culture.
In addition, Mercy families host Asian studetns through the Cambridge Institute of International Education. (Mercy students do not study in Asia in exchange.)

  • Mercy Pays...literally

    • Low Tuition – Highest Value: At $10,685, Mercy maintains one of the lowest tuition rates among local all-girl Catholic high schools, yet is still one of the very top academic and extracurricular all-girl, Catholic school performers in the city. Mother of Mercy is in the mission-based business of Catholic education that simply, and not so simply, seeks to raise enough resources to continue doing what we do so well — educate and empower young women with the values of Mercy.
    • A range of academic scholarships and grants are available to incoming freshmen as well as current students.
    • Think of Mercy as a supplemental college savings account. Consistently every year, more than 80% of our seniors are awarded significant higher-education scholarships due to their outstanding preparation at Mercy. (83% of the Class of 2015 received scholarships totaling $11.3 million.)
    • Dual Credit provides the greatest financial advantage in college tuition for families, often doubling the credit available through AP alone. Mercy families are saving thousands of dollars by starting college “early” at Mother of Mercy.

  • More examples of how Mercy exemplifies excellence:

Click here to hear video messages from on why students are choosing Mother of Mercy High School.