Leading Scholars Honors Program

Every year, a select group of freshmen and sophomores who meet the most challenging academic performance standards are invited to participate in the Leading Scholars Honors Program, a rigorous and rewarding supplement to our advanced college preparatory program. In addition to qualifying for some of our most prestigious scholarship awards for incoming freshmen, our Leading Scholars will be provided with services, such as:

  • Quarterly academic enrichment events for all Leading Scholars
  • Additional events with fellow Leading Scholars regarding careers, college leadership, and critical and creative thinking
  • Coaching in developing college resumes appropriate for premier selective colleges
  • Notices about enrichment opportunities in the school and community that are especially attractive to high-performing students with ambitious college and career plans
  • Special mentoring opportunities and internship guidance to build college resumes
  • Access to Leading Scholars online site with carefully selected enrichment resources

    Qualifications (beginning with the Class of 2020):

    • Students with excellent grades and a score of 85 or higher on the 8th grade High School Placement Test will be invited to join Leading Scholars and will be eligible for merit scholarship awards for all four years at Mercy.  Final review and selection will be determined by Principal.
    • To be invited back into the Leading Scholars Program for sophomore year students must
      • Demonstrate regular participation in Leading Scholars events
      • Maintain a 90% GPA or higher in Honors or Advanced core classes
      • Show commitment to growing in the Mercy values

      "The Leading Scholars is a group that meets once every month to educate its members on achieving their goals, not just in high school, but in life. The Leading Scholars is a valuable opportunity to get advice on college applications, exams, and becoming a leader in whatever field you choose to pursue. For example, I was lucky enough to attend the Young Women’s Leadership Conference at NKU with the leading scholars. It was a wonderfully informative experience with a great cause: Teaching the young women of today to become the leaders of the future. As you begin your journey with Mercy, take advantage of the opportunities here! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and Be Inspired." – Taylor Sauer '17