Making Course Recommendations

  1. Log into PowerTeacher.
  2. Click on the "Backpack" icon for the class that you want to work with.
  3. From the column on the left, choose a student.
  4. Pull down the menu in the upper right hand corner (Select Screens) and choose "Recommendations".
  5. Click the button  beneath the "Select Screens" menu that says "Create New Recommendation".
  6. In the course number box, type the number of the course that you are recommending your student for.  (as you type the number, course names and numbers will pop up, so you can double check that you are typing the correct number).
  7. Do not change the scheduling year.
  8. Only use the comment field is there is something unusual about this recommendation.
  9. Click SUBMIT.
  10. After you click submit, the recommendation should appear on the screen.
  11. Now click the next student - you'll see that the recommendation screen is already there!!  As long as you don't navigate from this screen the recommendation screen will stay and you'll just have to click a new student.
  12. Click Create New Recommendation, and make a recommendation for that student.

Finish all students in that class and then choose a new class from the left hand column under "Change Class".  When you click a students name, you should still have the recommendation screen up!

Once you've done your recommendations, you can see/change/delete all your recommendations from the menu on the main page.  It is the last button on the left.