Setting up your Mac to Print to the Copier

Either do this in the ADMIN account or you will have to click unlock when you want to add the printer...remember admin and mercy1234

1.  Download Drivers
  • go to
  • click DRIVERS in the right hand column
  • AGREE should be checked, click SUBMIT
  • under B & W MULITFUNCTION, select LD360/370/380/390
  • scroll down to the bottom and find the Mac OS version that you are on.  (If you are not sure you can find it if you pull down the APPLE and choose ABOUT THIS MAC
  • click the arrow under DOWNLOAD on the right hand side
  • save the file (it will be called z43417L3.dmg)
  • open the .dmg file and run the installer from the download folder....this will load the drivers

2.  Add the Copier as a Printer

  • pull down the Apple and choose SYSTEM PREFERENCES
  • click on PRINTER & FAX
  • click the + sign at the bottom of the left window
  • look for RICOH Aficio MP 6001
  • you will notice that there are 2 of them, when you click on them the location will come up at the bottom of the screen
  • ADD the one that you want (Main Faculty Ctr or Gym Buildiing Faculty Ctr)

3.  Setup Printer Options

  • after you have added the printer, click on OPTiONS & SUPPLIES on the right side of the screen
  • click on DRIVER
  • pull down the FINISHER menu and choose FINISHER SR4030
  • pull down the MULTI-HOLE PUNCH UNIT menu and choose INSTALLED. Click OK
  • close the Print & Fax Window

4.  Saving your User Code

  • choose print from either Safari/Firefox or Word/Excel
  • Sarfari/Firefox - after you choose print, choose the RICOH Aficio MP 6001 printer then pull down the menu below that either says Safari or FIrefox and choose JOB LOG
  • Word/Excel - after you choose print, choose the RICOH Aficio MP 6001 printer then pull down the menu below that says COPIES & PAGES and choose JOB LOG
  • in the JOB LOG window check ENABLE USER CODE at the bottom of the window
  • type your USER CODE below (it is the last 4 digits of your SSN)
  • then pulldown the PRESET menu at the top of that window and choose SAVE AS, Click OK
  • save this setting (maybe save it as Faculty Rm Copier)
  • Once you print once with this preset saved, the preset will come up every time you choose that printer

5.  Choosing Options for your Copying Job

  • choose PRINTER FEATURES from the same pulldown menu where you found JOB LOG (either firefox/safari/copies&pages)
  • choose GENERAL 2 under FEATURE SETS
  • you can choose to staple, punch, fold, etc.