Celebrating Those Who Inspire

In the Spring 2012 issue of BLUEprint, we wrote an article on the faculty and administrators who have inspired us over the years.

We invite you to share your story of inspiration. Whether it was a teacher at Mercy, an extracurricular you were a part of or a classmate. Even if your inspiration has come since leaving Mercy, either by your reacquaintance with the school or in crossing paths with an alumna who reminds you of Mercy's powerful mission - to promote life-long learning and strong, clear Mercy values - we want to hear from you!

Click here to send us your story of inspiration. No gesture of gratitude is too small.

"Sr. Amadeus Richter inspired me to pursue a career in the education field. I taught for 29 years in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and to this day  think of Sr. Amadeus often."
~ Lavern Wagner Russo ' 54

" Ms. McGuire and Mrs. Murphy had a great influence in may career path into the art and design world."
~ Lisa Evans Moore '89

"Mrs. Donahue and Mrs. McCall were fantastic teachers who gave me confidence in two subjects I struggled with the most, Algebra and Science. I have since graduated wit ha Bachelor of Science and am now working towards a Master of Science, both of which I never thought I could achieve. I cannot thank them enough."
~ Megan Fisher '02

"I joined a club called Youth Assistants for the Retarded and I was a club member all four years, spending every Saturday morning tutoring a young lady with Down Syndrome. It was the beginning of my career; I became a Special Ed teacher, and just retired after 36 years in Dayton Public Schools. I owe my career to Sr. Maria Castelli, the club's advisor. Sister introduced me to the service of individuals with disabilities; I wish I could tell her how profoundly that little club activity affected the course of my life."
~ Camille Fortunato Ferrara '71

"My entire class is like an extended family; they all help me to do and be my best, whether that's in school, sports or just life in general. Mercy's teachers challenge me to be the best I can academically and I am inspired by my upper-classmates. I want to accomplish just as much as they have and help everyone around me just like they do."
~ Marissa Long '15 , taken from her speech to Academic Achievers of the Class of 2016

"Mercy's inspirational and welcoming environment makes school feel like a second home. The teachers, faculty, students and administration at Mercy have challenged me to be the best version of myself in every aspect of life ... I have grown beyond my expectations to succeed.
~ Emily Diersing '12 , taken from her speech to Academic Achievers of the Class of 2016

"Sister Doris - She lives her faith.  She shared so much information in the many classes which she taught.  I still say some prayers daily - prayers she shared with us.  Sister was one of my homeroom teachers.  I was a student in her religion and chemistry classes.  Mercy is always with me.  Memories are wonderful!  Thank you MMH.  Thank you Sister Doris."
~ M. Margaret Gambetta Mast '64

"Mrs. Carol Schroer - Caring.  She always gave me opportunities for leadership (in Home Ed, in homeroom, in FHA, etc.)  Still remembers me to this day when I see her.  Wonderful laugh.  Kind Spirit."
~ Elizabeth Hudson Moore '93