Individual Excellence Program

The Individual Excellence Program reflects the very distinctive and all-encompassing culture at Mother of Mercy. With a priority on the who and not just the what, Mercy achieves high-ranking statistical success in balance with emotionally and spiritually fulfilled young women. We are committed to realizing this healthy balance for authentic growth and learning.

Mercy students will learn and grow in an educational atmosphere that prioritizes:

  • Development of each young woman's God-given potential by identifying and working with her unique strengths and challenges.
  • Compassionate care for each student as a whole person -- academic, emotional, spiritual and physical.
  • Formation of students who think beyond the superficial answer because they are reflective and have an expansive intellectual curiosity.
  • Culture of empowerment that motivates each student to become the best she can be.
  • A setting of sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that fosters individual learning.
  • Faith and service as integral to growth and happiness.