Professional Development Opportunities

Walkthroughs Snapshot

Walkthroughs Snapshot
March 1, 2015 
Graphs and statistics collected on Mercy classroom walkthroughs through March 1, 2015. Contact D. Mueller if you have questions or comments.

PD Opportunities open to Mercy and McAuley Faculty

Contact D. Mueller for details.

JVLA Blended Learning Workshop
at Mercy August 3 and 4, 2015
Learn blended learning techniques while you make a blizzard bag lesson. CEUs available. CEUs available.

JVLA online PD “Creating Assessments" March 9-30, 2015 – Link to
This course will investigate the science behind writing good questions based on desired course outcomes and levels of difficulty. By the end participants will have created one classroom assessment. CEUs available.

JVLA online “Assessing Learning Progress”
April 26-April 27, 2015 – Link to
Explore how to decide what type of assessment is most appropriate to measure specific goals and outcomes and use the information from assessments to accurately track and monitor student growth. CEUs available.

Recordings of webinars in the JVLA Assessment Series
Professor Michael Hardt of Syracuse University leads four hour-long webinars that introduce areas of student assessment:
-Formative Assessment
-Summative Assessment
-Capturing and Collecting Assessment Data
-Analyzing and Interpreting Assessment Data
Watch one or more webinars. Watch at least 3 to qualify for .3 CEU.

Grant Opportunities

ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Grants
Teachers can request up to $1500 for their ideas. Application deadline is April 1.

End-of-Year State Test Resources

English End-of-Year PARCC Practice Tests

Teach in Barcelona?

The administration Collegi Casp, Mercy’s partner school in Barcelona, would like to arrange for short-term teacher exchanges of as brief as a month and as long as a semester. You don’t need to know any Spanish. You would teach in English. The school employs Content Learning in Languages (CLIL): students have the option to take some core courses in foreign languages (such as English) so that they develop their language skills at the same time that they learn course content. How would this work?
  • An interested Mercy teacher informs Dave Mueller about her or his interest, including the proposed duration.
  • Dave contacts administrators at Casp to find out if there is a match with a Casp teacher in the same subject area.
  • Karen White and Casp administrators decide whether to approve the exhange. Administrators might want to meet the prospective teacher via Skype.
  • The Mercy teacher and Casp teacher communicate well in advance (in English) to help each other with class preparation.
  • Casp helps the Mercy teacher find reasonable lodging in Barcelona and Mercy does likewise for the Casp teacher. If both people are single and living alone, it might work out to use each other’s homes.
  • The teachers trade teaching roles for the specified time period. The Mercy teacher teaches in English, and the Casp teacher teaches in English at Mercy.
  • It’s possible for other family members to accompany you.
  • Each school continues to pay its teacher’s salary.
  • The teachers pay travel costs: transportation, lodging, meals.
Casp reports many good outcomes for teaches in past exchanges, including
  • Learning new teaching methods
  • Making new friends
  • Getting a morale boost from an adventure
  • Learning some Spanish and Catalan
Remember…This is an opportunity for teachers in any subject area and no Spanish is required. See Dave Mueller if you are interested.