Mercy Academics

Mother of Mercy provides a broad, challenging education for young women focused on the skills and knowledge essential for success in the 21st century.  An extensive curriculum featuring required and elective courses is available.  Placement occurs in four independent academic levels and is reviewed continually.  More than 40% of Mercy students take Honors and Advanced Level courses.

Mercy's strong academic program is due, in part, to our proven block schedule in which classes meet every other day, resulting in 4 periods per day. Our teachers and student alike love the opportunities provided by block scheduling. Among many things, having 85-minute classes ever other day allows for extended learning opportunities, project-based activities and technology integration. The extended time is the best way to truly enable one-to-one education and inspire higher levels of critical thinking. It has been proven that block scheduling improves time management skills and is reflective of a college schedule. When you visit, you will see that our classrooms are lively with debate, the next great idea and advanced use of technology. Consequently, students truly commit to their classes, develop a strong work ethic and express themselves freely and fully.