Mother of Mercy Counseling Program

The School Counseling Department at Mother of Mercy High School provides supportive services to students that align with the Mercy education vision and the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model. Based on this alignment, Mercy’s School Counseling Program encompasses a shared mission, as well as shared beliefs, ethical considerations, and counselor competencies that meet students’ unique needs in key domain areas of academics, college and career, and social/emotional development.

Mother of Mercy High School Counseling Program Mission

The mission of the School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of every student in the school. We strive to facilitate a safe and caring environment to assist all students in becoming responsible and productive lifelong learners. We collaborate with school personnel, families, and alumni to empower our students to live out the core values of the Sisters of Mercy.

Mother of Mercy High School Counseling Program Beliefs
  • All students are created within the image and likeness of God and are treasured and appreciated for their unique gifts, talents, and inherent value.
  • Students learn and grow best in an environment that is continuously improving, mutually respectful, emotionally and physically healthful, challenging in content, and accepting of individual differences.
  • All policies and expectations must be student-centered, rigorous but attainable, and driven by data in order to meet the needs of the most possible students.
The Role of the Mother of Mercy High School Counselor

In accordance with ASCA, all of our counselors are licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling. We adhere to the ethical standards set forth by our professional organization. The role of the counselors is to address students’ academic, college/career and social/emotional development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating, and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and expands school success.

Mother of Mercy High School Counseling Grade-level Curriculum

In order to address the key domain areas, Mercy school counselors deliver a grade-level curriculum that includes essential learning outcomes in the areas of academic learning success within a four year secondary trajectory, career exploration based on personal strengths and interests, college planning, and social and emotional development.
The grade-level curriculum is grounded in national standards and competency indicator objectives. The overarching components to the curriculum include:
  • Academic success strategies and academic course scheduling support
  • Naviance: A comprehensive college and career readiness online platform
  • Career explorations, awareness and career Pathway guidance
  • College Planning
  • Standardized testing support
  • Social/Emotional Developmental programming
Mother of Mercy High School Grade-level Curriculum Delivery

The grade level curriculum is built on the foundation of the ASCA National Model and designed to help students attain standard-based competencies in order to provide all students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills appropriate for their developmental level as demonstrated in competency indicators. Furthermore, the curriculum is delivered in alignment with Mercy Core Values and is systematically presented by school counselors who work collaboratively with other professional educators using a multi-faceted approach.

Mother of Mercy High School Counseling Grade-level Curriculum Delivery Methods:
  • Grade level classroom instruction
  • Naviance curricular resources
  • School-wide initiatives
  • School assemblies
  • Interdisciplinary curricular development
  • Group activities
  • Parent workshops and instruction
  • Individual and/or small group appraisal and advisement
Mother of Mercy High School Counseling Responsive Services

School counselors offer responsive services (both direct and indirect) that are designed to support a broad range of students according to their own personal aptitudes, achievement goals and personal concerns. These responsive services include:
  • Consultation
  • Communication with parent, faculty, and school administrators in best interest of student
  • Individual and small-group counseling
  • Crisis counseling
  • Referrals
  • Strategic Interventions
Both the grade level curriculum and responsive services provided by school counselors at Mercy are grounded in ongoing system supports that include:
  • Professional development
  • Collaboration
  • Program management and planning tasks
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • ASCA recommended counselor to student ratio and time percentages in relation to direct and indirect student support services

Counseling Department

Mrs. Judy Scarlato, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Wendy Long, Counselor, Department Chair
Ms. Michele Hively, Counselor

Counselor Student Assignments 2017-2018

Class of 2018
Wendy Long Last names beginning A-B and G-Moellinger
Michele Hively Last names beginning C-F, Moorman-Z

Class of 2019
Wendy Long Last names beginning A-C and G-Parsons
Michele Hively Last names beginning D-F and Phelps-Z

Class of 2020
Wendy Long Last names beginning A-B and G-M
Michele Hively Last names beginning C-F and N-Z

Class of 2021
Wendy Long Last names beginning A-J
Michele Hively Last names beginning K-Z