Mother of Mercy offers over 25 extracurricular opportunities for students.  Below is a listing of all clubs, teams and opportunities and the main point of contact. Please contact the moderator for more details or visit the links to the left for more details on each extracurricular Mother of Mercy offers.

Director of Student Activities
Ms. Kate Mitchell

Director of Campus Ministry
Mrs. Johanna Becker

Community Service Coordinator
Mrs. Kelly Starkey

Academic Team
Mr. Greg Bouman

Athletic Opportunities
Mrs. Denise Harvey

Art Club
Mrs. Theresa Murphy
Mr. Murray Dwertman

Mr. Tucker Burton

Drama Productions
Ms. Claire LaNicca

French Club
Mrs. Shannon Smock

Freshman Class Moderator
Mrs. Dianna Minnelli

Freshman Focus Site Coordinators
Mrs. Johanna Becker
Ms. Kelly Blum

Mrs. Denise Harvey

Handbell Choir
Mrs. Kim Zang

Mrs. Leslie Whitford


Junior Class Moderator
Mrs. Lauren Miller

Key Club
Ms. Kelli Blum

Leadership Council
Ms. Kate Mitchell

Leading Scholars
Mrs. Melanie Richardson

Life Club
Ms. Anne Herrmann

Mercy Works
Mrs. Lauren Schroeder

Mission Collection

Bob Boninici

Mock Trial Team
Ms. Melissa Antons

National Honor Society

Mrs. Sharon Harris

Peace and Justice Team
Mrs. Johanna Becker

Mr. Tucker Burton

Sapphire Dance Team
Mrs. Julie Raleigh


Senior Class Moderator
Ms. Julie Brandel

Service Trip Coordinator
Mrs. Kelly Starkey

Sophomore Class Moderator
Mrs. Jenny Broering

Spanish Club
Mrs. Anne Herrmann

Advancement Leadership Team
Mrs. Tricia Reisman

Student Council
Mrs. Kylie Utah

Tech Doctors
Mrs. Leslie Whitford

(International) Thespian Society
Ms. Claire LaNicca

TSA Team
(Technological Student Association)

Mr. Steve Baker

World Language Honor Society
Mrs. Shannon Smock (French)
Ms. Anne Herrmann (Spanish)

Vocal Ensemble
Mrs. Kim Zang