Mathematics Department

The department of Mathematics offers a comprehensive program of study designed to meet the needs of each student as well as adopting the goals set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The department utilizes several blended learning tools to assess the skill level of each student and to encourage additional skills development at the individual's own pace.  

Considering the differences of each girl, the department attempts to provide a rich, well integrated program adapted to the stage of mathematical maturity of the student in order that she may have a better understanding of the concepts of mathematics, be able to apply these concepts in other disciplines and in everyday life, and develop her thought processes.

In today’s technological age, highly skilled and trained personnel are needed. Technological tools such as the graphing calculator and Smartboard enhance the curriculum allowing the department to offer a wealth of knowledge essential in many careers today. Even the person who does not work directly with mathematics will find it essential to many types of careers. Each student is encouraged to study all the mathematics appropriate to her ability, interest, and ambition, so that job and career opportunities are open to her and she can meet the challenges of the educated citizen of our country.

Required & Elective Courses

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Algebra II, Foundations of College Algebra, Foundations of Probability & Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Trigonometry, Statistics I & II, AP Calculus (AB), AP Calculus (BC)

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Unique Opportunities

  • ALEKS online tool is used for assessment and instruction for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry
  • Math XL is an online tool used for PreCalculus and Statistics
  • Catholic Math League Test
  • Dual-credit opportunity through Mount St. Joseph University for AB and BC Calculus
  • CCP for Honors PreCalculus

Clubs & Activities


INTERalliance is for students who have an interest in information technology and are interested in IT-related careers. These girls learn about various topics and technology and work with local IT businesses through mentoring and internships. Students enter competitions that involve coding, robotics and rocket building competitions.  Throughout the year, students learn about Cyber Security, robotic surgery, GoogleGlass and gaming.

TSA Team

The TSA (Technological Student Association) Team involves groups of four to eight students working collaboratively to solve practical problems encountered in various fields of engineering. The teams take part in a national test and are eligible for local, state, and national awards. Although many of the problems involve math and science, the only requirement to be involved is good problem solving skills. Teams are divided into 9/10 and 11/12 grade levels, with appropriate difficulty problems for each grade group.

Math Department Faculty

Steve Baker
Marian Johnson
Judy Jones, Chairperson
Michael Kampel
Sr. Nancy Merkle, RSM
Jennifer Zeller