Mercy's Technology Program

You and Your Mercy iPad

Incoming freshmen receive their very own school-issued iPad! Students absolutely love working with iPads and our teachers look forward to sharing all-new classroom experiences with you through the iPad’s amazing applications and sophisticated user profile. Be ready to Be Inspired!

Q: Is there a cost for the iPad?
A: Mercy's $100 annual Individual Excellence fee includes your iPad, cover and Mercy’s core Educational Apps Package, as well as costs associated with our personalized academic planning programs.

Q: Who actually owns the device?
A: Mother of Mercy owns the iPad but it is technically yours in all the same ways in which a school textbook is yours.

Q: May I add my own apps to the Mercy iPad?
A: Absolutely! The true potential and joy of learning with an iPad is best experienced through personalizing the device with your own app selections in addition to the core package from Mercy.

Q: May I keep my iPad over the summer?
A: Most certainly you may use your iPad over the summer. The device operates so simply, there is no need to mandate a summer turn-in for updates and/or formatting. The few updates that do periodically come issued by MAC are very easy to do yourself and considered part of developing your familiarity with techknowledgey.

Q: May I take the iPad with me when I graduate from Mercy?
A:  Yes! It will be yours to keep as soon as you receive that Mother of Mercy diploma!

Q: May I just use the iPad I already own?
A: While you certainly may choose to use your existing iPad here at school, you will still be required to pay the Personalized Excellence Program Fee, so in our opinion, you may as well take the new iPad that comes with it!

Q: What about iPad accessory items?
A: Your Mercy iPad will come with a school-issued cover and core set of apps, but if you would like a keyboard attachment, stand, stylus, etc., you are welcome to purchase and add any such items on your own.

Q: Will Mercy provide insurance on the device?
A: No. Beyond the basic warranty provided by Mac, there is not an attractive calamity plan with a deductible less than the cost of the iPad itself. It will be important that you accept the responsibility that comes with having such a device and take good care of it. If, before school starts in the fall, we learn of an insurance plan that makes sense for us, we will let you know of the coverage.

Q: Will I learn to use any other device besides an iPad?

A: Absolutely! Mercy has long been a school for “tech-agility” and that doesn’t change. In fact, the Freshmen Computer Literacy course features PC and Mac desktops, laptops and specialized software applications, including basic computer programming.

Mercy faculty members are continually taking steps to advance and improve the way in which iPads are utilized in their classrooms:

  • All of our teachers began exploring the iPads many personal and instructional uses prior to the launch in 2012.
  • An iPad Pilot Program took place with a group of our students to test-run new programs and further investigate the many educational uses of the iPad;
  • Training in technology for teachers has been on-going and time for such focus is even increasing with monthly professional development sessions and attendance at regional tech conferences and workshops;
  • The iPads foster Mercy’s Individual Excellence by incorporating elements of our Freshmen Focus leadership training, improving organizational and time management skills, as well as enhancing college and career planning!