The Choice is Clear

A Message from MECC President, Kirsten MacDougal

As a mother of two young girls, I can appreciate the dreams a parent has for a daughter. We envision them happy, healthy, confident and faith-filled, going on to lead successful and rewarding lives; and we pray we are preparing our daughters for the challenges they will face in their futures, without us right by their sides.

Set your children on the right path, and upon it they shall remain.
Prov: 22-6

Your daughter’s four years of high school set the stage for the rest of her life. These years, more than any other, will determine the woman she becomes. She deserves a high school that both inspires and empowers her toward personal excellence. There are several steps you can take to ensure your daughter is set on the path to reaching her greatest potential.

First, choose a Catholic School. The teen years are fraught with social and personal growth challenges that can potentially derail great talent and aspirations. It is critically important for young people to experience whole-person education in a high school community of faith, where friends share common values and every school day provides opportunity to re-center the moral compass and grow closer to God. Who do you want your daughter to turn to in times of struggle?

Second, choose an All-Girl Catholic School. In a girls’ school, girls learn that their value is derived from their academic achievements, leadership abilities, service to others, and the contributions they make to the world around them. Research confirms that graduates of all-girl schools develop life-long friends and achieve greater success in both the academic and professional worlds. Additionally, developmental psychologists tell us that a young woman’s identity is formed between 10 and 16 years of age. In all girl schools, students grow into confident women who have the tools to “lean in” and be counted, to have their voices heard and their opinions considered. What level of confidence do you want your daughter to have at graduation?

Finally, choose an MECC All-Girl Catholic School, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. By the very nature of our mission, McAuley and Mother of Mercy High Schools inspire and empower girls to become women of excellence. We will encourage your daughter to strive higher while supporting her in reaching her goals; we will stretch her intellect and her moral courage; we will treat her with respect and compassion and; we will help her to discover and to realize her greatest dreams. Graduates of an MECC school are women who dare to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. Who do you want your daughter to be?

The choice is clear – McAuley and Mother of Mercy High School. With separate identities, campuses and traditions, yet shared values, leadership and vision, Mercy and McAuley work together to form faith-filled women leaders for the 21st century. One of our two high schools is sure to be a “best fit” for your daughter. Where will your daughter grow these four years?

No one else in Cincinnati can offer what an MECC school does. Schedule a visit with us soon, and learn just what the advantages are for your daughter. You will be glad you did.

Kirsten MacDougal