A Message from Mother of Mercy Principal, Dave Mueller


Mother of Mercy students are impressive young women. Inspired by the spirit of our foundress Catherine McAuley, they
• Have a strong streak of social entrepreneurship: they seek out ways to lift the experiences of others.
• Focus on developing the Mercy Core Values that build their capacity to make a difference in the lives of others: Faith, Compassion, Leadership, Service, Excellence
• Celebrate life with Mercy spirit
The legacy of Mercy is that upperclasswomen hand down this spirit to the younger students. The faculty and staff challenge and motivate. Parents guide and support. Alumnae and benefactors model inspirational careers and lives.

2017-18 is Mercy’s grand finale year. At the end of the year the Werk Road building will close, and the legacy of Mother of Mercy High School will blend with the legacy of McAuley High School to unify Mercy high school education in Cincinnati. We are “daring and doing” to make 2017-18 Mercy’s best year ever – a tall order considering the memories of past accomplishments and fun that still echo off of the Rookwood tile, wood lockers, marble steps, and stained glass. Join us as we celebrate Mercy’s treasured legacy throughout the year…and plan how it will live forward in the new school!